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Car Accidents: Montana Community Grieves Local Celebrity’s Death

  • On Behalf Of Colton Holm
  • Published: January 6, 2020

In Montana and across the country, many people enjoy listening to the radio. It is not uncommon for disc jockeys to obtain celebrity status in their communities or nationwide. When car accidents occur involving local celebrities, it often sends a ripple of grief throughout an entire region. Sadly, that is exactly what happened following a recent collision that involved a well-known 63-year-old musician and radio DJ in Missoula.

It was just after 2:30 a.m. on a recent Wednesday when the much loved musician was pronounced dead at the scene of an accident. He was reportedly heading south on Highway 93 when another vehicle hit his pickup truck. Police say the other vehicle had veered out of his lane and across two oncoming lanes of traffic before colliding with the DJ’s vehicle.

Preliminary investigations suggest the fatally injured victim may have tried to steer to the side to avoid the crash. It goes to show that even if a driver is cautious and alert, it is not always possible to swiftly and safely react in time to avoid disaster. The other driver was reportedly treated and released from a nearby hospital after the crash.

It is not uncommon for investigations of Montana car accidents to prompt conclusions regarding causal factors, such as inclement road conditions or drug or alcohol-related issues. At the time this post was written, it was not yet known whether the latter issues were pertinent to this case; however, a state trooper at the scene said the road was wet but not icy or considered dangerous when the collision occurred. When a community loses a beloved local celebrity, they often comfort one another by holding candlelight ceremonies or other memorial events. Families of decedents often seek justice on behalf of their loved ones by filing wrongful death claims in court when driver negligence is believed to have caused a particular collision.

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