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What Types Of Compensation Can You Seek After Car Accidents?

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  • Published: September 27, 2017

If you find yourself involved in a Montana car crash, you may be wondering what type of damages you can pursue to help you pay for medical care, property damage and so on. Ultimately, the types of damages you can try and claim will vary based on the specifics of your accident and who or what was at fault for it, but many who suffer personal injury after accident involvement pursue the same basic types of damages.

Per Findlaw, damages to cover medical expenditures are common after injury car accidents. Because some injuries and medical hardships are not apparent immediately following a crash, it is wise for you, as a victim, to seek prompt medical attention, even if you believe your injuries are only minor in nature. Furthermore, you may be able to seek damages not only for doctor and hospital fees, but also for in-home care, disfigurement and any accessories you may need as you recover, such as crutches.

You may also be able to pursue compensation for lost wages after a car crash, if your injuries are severe enough to keep you out of work. You may, too, be able to seek damages for pain and suffering, which involves mental or physical distress that results from your accident or associated injuries.

If the injuries that resulted from your accident were so severe that they prevent you from maintaining a normal sex life with your husband, wife or partner, your partner may be able to pursue damages for a loss of affection, companionship or consortium. For your partner to pursue this type of compensation, you must have received compensation for injuries relating to the crash.

This information about types of compensation you can pursue after a car accident seeks to inform you, but it is not a replacement for personal legal advice.

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