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Crash Into Clark Fork River Kills Two

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  • Published: December 15, 2020

Most people in Montana understand that whenever they choose to travel as a passenger in a vehicle, they may accept (to a certain degree) the risks potentially posed by the actions of their drivers. Given that most people traveling as passengers in vehicles have an existing relationship with the drivers transporting (and thus trust in their judgment and abilities), few may actually give this a second thought.

Yet if and when a driver transporting passengers causes an accident, those passengers may then must contemplate the decision of whether or not to pursue a liability claim in order to earn compensation to help deal with their accident expenses. The relationship they have with the driver makes such a decision difficult, yet oftentimes they may have little choice.

Alcohol And Excessive Speed Thought To Contribute To Missoula County Crash

Situations that may leave one in such a predicament may include those accidents that result in fatalities. According to, such was the result of a single-vehicle accident that occurred in Missoula County. The driver of the Jeep Cherokee involved lost control, causing the vehicle to leave the road and crash into the Clark Fork River. An adult female passenger survived the accident, yet sadly, the driver and five-year-old passenger died from injuries sustained in the crash. Officials believe both alcohol and speeding might have been factors in causing the accident.

Holding A Driver Responsible For Reckless Actions

Passengers (particularly young passengers, and one of the victims in this case was) may have little influence over a driver’s individual actions. Thus it may make sense for them (or their loved ones) to try and hold their drivers accountable for such actions. Doing so may become easier if they have access to reliable legal advice provided by an experienced attorney).

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