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Do Hands-free Devices Really Help Avoid Car Accidents?

  • On Behalf Of Colton Holm
  • Published: October 16, 2019

Advanced technology has definitely added convenience and ease to modern life. For instance, Montana travelers no longer have to try to spread road maps out in the front seat when they can simply GPS their way to a destination instead. Cellphones and other electronic devices can place drivers at risk for collisions although many people say hands-free devices are much safer to use and can help avoid car accidents, which begs the question: Is that true?

It is important to keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel at all times while driving. The fact that hands-free devices allow drivers to do so is likely what leads people to believe they are safe to use. However, engaging in a phone conversation or accessing Facebook or direction-finding services without using hands does not necessarily mean a driver is free of distraction.

In fact, hands-free devices may indeed pose serious cognitive distractions to drivers who use them. It takes mental, physical and visual focus to be a good driver. If another motorist is distracted, he or she might not notice that another driver has stopped at a red light or that another driver has the right of way at an intersection.

Car accidents often happen when drivers are distracted, and there is ample evidence showing that a hands-free device is no guarantee that the driver using it will keep his or her focus where it should be — on driving responsible. Montana personal injury attorneys are available to help accident victims who suffer injuries caused by the negligence of someone else. Damages in such accidents often include physical injuries, emotional trauma or economic distress prompted by the need to take off time from work during recovery.

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