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Leading Causes Of Distracted Driving

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  • Published: December 22, 2017

It seems like every day in Billings, there is another horrific car accident. Perhaps the weather plays a role in some of these, or maybe they happen due to the sudden appearance of random wildlife in the road. While these factors might contribute to some car wrecks, studies have shown that approximately 25 percent of traffic accidents occur because of distracted driving.

You might hear the words “distracted driving” and automatically think about a person using his or her cellphone while behind the wheel. In fact, cellphone use accounts for about 12 percent of instances of distracted driving, leaving plenty of room for other causes. To find out more about other causes of distracted driving, read further.

General Loss Of Focus

Have you ever been driving down a stretch of road that is so familiar that you sometimes think you could do it blindfolded? Perhaps your normal commute from work to home fits this description. Have you ever left your house and arrived at work while operating on auto-pilot? General distraction, daydreaming or simply loss of focus contributes to approximately 62 percent of distracted driving cases.

Enjoying The View

Distractions that come from outside the car are responsible for 7 percent of distracted driving accidents. For example, a driver might take their eyes off the road to enjoy the view or maybe they were focusing too much on another vehicle and did not pay enough attention to the road.


Whether they are in the back seat or the front seat, the passengers in a car can also cause drivers to become distracted, accounting for about 5 percent of incidents. It could be your kids fighting in the back or your dog trying her best to climb into the front: These things can cause a big and potentially dangerous distraction.

While you might be able to limit the distractions in your car so that you do not lose focus, other drivers may not. If you have been the victim of a distracted driver, you might be able to take legal action to recover your losses.

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