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Will My Auto Insurance Cover Me In A Bicycle Accident?

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  • Published: December 26, 2017

The roadways in Montana have to be shared by a range of people. Large, trucks, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians all occupy the roads. To keep everyone safe, there is a list of rules that have to be followed. When someone fails to follow a road law, accidents happen. If you are a bike rider, you could even cause an accident.

While motor vehicle drivers carry insurance, you probably have not gotten a liability policy to cover your bicycle. However, if you have auto insurance, will it cover a bike accident? This is a common question, and the answer may surprise you.

Your auto insurance policy may offer you protection for bicycle accidents, according to It might pay for your injuries, injuries to others and your overall liabilities occurring from an accident. Typically, if you are hit by a car and the car is at fault, the driver’s insurance pays, but if you are at fault, which can happen if you fail to obey road laws, then your insurance may kick in.

In some cases, you may even be able to get help from your insurance even if you are not at fault. It depends on what your insurance coverage is. You should discuss this with your insurance agent to see what coverage you have available and to double check if you are covered when you are on your bicycle. It is nice to know ahead of time before you are in a situation where you could use the coverage. This information is for education only and is not legal advice.

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